10 Reasons Why Luxury Hospitality Makes You Come Back for More

When you travel, what does luxury hospitality mean to you?

Many properties claim to offer a luxury experience. Unfortunately, many miss the mark because they do not understand what luxury truly means.

This is partly because “luxury” often means something different to each person. Therefore, the definition constantly evolves. Furthermore, trends and fads change, making its meaning hard to pin down.

Luxury is delivered when the service, establishment, and experience surpass your expectations and leave you craving more.

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We have found that the next ten reasons are the undeniable building blocks that properties use (or should use) as a foundation for giving guests true luxury hospitality and exceeding expectations. (In no particular order.)

 #1: They Know Brick and Mortar Cannot Stand Alone

Luxury hospitality is deeper than what you see on the surface. It is infused throughout your entire experience. Luxury extends from your arrival to your departure and from the beauty of the property to the high level of service you receive during your stay.

Unfortunately, anyone with deep pockets can build a beautiful property with all the bells and whistles, but that doesn’t mean they can take it across the finish line and deliver luxury.

We have all been there. A gorgeous restaurant or sexy hotel looks amazing. Then service falls on its face. Next, you leave promising never to return. Then, you take to social media, pledging to tell everyone you know – and some you don’t know – all about your horrible experience. That is hardly luxury hospitality.

#2: They Make You Brag

You know you have experienced luxury hospitality when you feel like bragging to your friends, “OMG, you will never believe our amazing weekend at ____ (fill in the blank)!”

When this happens, you know that your luxury experience was on point. Nothing was broken, and nothing needed fixing. Your getaway far exceeded your expectations.

#3: They Never Rest ’Til Their Good is Better, and Their Better is Best

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For true believers, luxury hospitality becomes part of a property’s culture. It’s automatic. It’s something pervasive that staff and owners constantly seek to deliver and improve upon.

The sweaty challenge – and what ultimately sets one brand apart from others – is delivering it consistently, effortlessly, and with genuine energy as if it’s the first time every time. Then doing it again. And again, until they are the best.

#4: They Say Your Name, Say Your Name

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When you arrive, and the property staff knows who you are by name, you’re experiencing luxury hospitality.

Client Story: It was dark when we landed at Glenburn Tea Estate in Darjeeling at around 7 pm. Upon arrival at the property, we entered the building’s main estate. A young woman, Angelina, approached, greeted us by name, and draped a shawl around our necks. We had never met her. It was dark and cold. We were tired. It was unexpected. In that instant, we were energized and smiling. It was a great start to our stay.

After hours of browsing, chatting with friends and family, and selecting the perfect vacation destination, you are on your way! You arrive at the property, and it looks amazing. Now, imagine reaching the front desk with bags in hand, and you are greeted by a person who asks, Sir/Ma’am, how can I help you?” You might be stepping onto a fine property, but you are not having a luxury experience if they don’t know who you are.

#5: They Sweat the Small Stuff

A property with true luxury hospitality takes care of all the details – no matter how big or small. They provide highly personalized service. In short, a human is on the other side and cares about you.

Client Story: During our vacation, my dietary habits and tastes were observed and remembered by our servers. The first morning I ordered my eggs sunny-side up. The next morning, a different server took my breakfast order by recalling what I ordered the day before. I was asked if I wanted eggs in a different style and was given options to choose from. This highly personalized service elevated our vacation to the next level.

#6: They Recover When Mistakes Happen

Sorry, but mistakes happen. It’s not if they will happen, but when they will happen. And when they happen to you, you want to know who and what will fix them.

Properties that practice luxury hospitality recognize unsatisfied customers are golden opportunities to shine and make fans.

Client Story: A few years ago, our family (my husband and two small children) was fresh off a long flight and ready to settle into our suite. At the end of the check-in process, I asked if they had the tickets for a kid’s show we had requested by email weeks before our arrival. They didn’t have the tickets, and the show was sold out. Immediately, the property admitted their mistake and tapped into their tool bag. They offered us a special children’s surfing lesson and VIP seats at the nightly luau – on the house. We happily accepted. To our surprise, they were able to land the requested tickets to the show the next day. We couldn’t have been happier!

 #7: They Make it Look Easy

Challenging and unexpected situations will reveal a person’s true colors.

Luxury hospitality makes things look easy. All problems – no matter the size – are solvable. The best never let you see them sweat.

#8: They Do Not Say “No.”

Luxury hospitality does not tell guests “no.” Instead, they give options if they can’t meet a request. If the team is operating at a rock star level, the options will make you happy. And then, it is a win-win for everyone!

#9: They Surpass Expectations

Think about your first experience at your favorite restaurant. You didn’t run and tell your friends that the food was what you expected. No, you told them the food was better than you ever imagined.

When luxury hospitality is delivered right, your experience exceeds your expectations. You realize it in the surprising ways you get more than you anticipated.

When places exceed or surpass our expectations, we are among the first to create a buzz about our experience and recommend them to others.

#10: They Leave You Craving More

Imagine getting behind the wheel of a Ferrari or Lamborghini. Feeling the leather, the horsepower and the speed, the handling. It’s an unparalleled, exhilarating experience to which you might exclaim, “I just have to drive that car again!” No other car will ever measure up. It’s not because the car price tag is so high but that your experience and memories solidly categorize the product as luxury.

A true luxury experience leaves you wanting more. It spoils you for anything less. That is why luxury brands and properties usually have a high customer retention/return rate.

We all have friends who say, “Our vacation was fine. We had a good time.” Fair enough. But we know that is not a luxury experience.

Suite3Sixty is Redefining the Luxury Experience for Our Clients

We believe that luxury hospitality is at the heart of every great travel experience. Luxury is delivered when the service, establishment, and experience exceed your expectations and leave you craving more.

With destinations in Hawaii, Australia, and India, Suite3Sixty makes sure that our clients receive luxury hospitality when they travel. To do this, we have developed the Suite Experience with hotel, resort, and vacation rental suites.

Because we have curated every Suite Experience, you will always walk into a beautiful, clean, and prepared room. No matter if it is a hotel, resort, or vacation rental, we want you to have an experience that you will brag about for years to come.

In addition to the finest Suite Experiences globally, you will always enjoy:

  • Personal VIP Concierge service with every reservation.
  • Reservations fully refundable up to 30 days before arrival
  • Exclusive offers (price and accommodations) by private flash sales
  • The best rate guaranteed in the world – no kidding!

Check out our amazing locations and book your luxury Suite Experience today.

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