We Are Redefining Luxury Travel

As a luxury Hawaii travel agent, we are in the business of delivering luxury experiences to our clients. Furthermore, we believe that luxury is at the heart of every great travel experience. But luxury is not about a high price tag. Instead, luxury is delivered when the service, establishment, and experience exceed your expectations and leave you craving more.

Properties and businesses can successfully deliver luxury when they build their foundation on a "can do" culture that is evident in every interaction with their clients and guests.

They Sweat the Small Stuff

A property with true luxury hospitality takes care of all the details – no matter how big or small. They provide a highly personalized service. In short, a human is on the other side and cares about you.

Then, if and when mistakes happen, luxury properties recognize golden opportunities to shine and make fans.

Finally, luxury makes things look easy. All problems – no matter the size – are solvable. The best never let you see them sweat, and you return home feeling like bragging to all your friends about the wonderful trip you had.

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They Leave You Craving More

Luxury does not tell guests “no.” Instead, it gives options if they cannot meet a request.

Next, when luxury is delivered, your experience exceeds your expectations. You realize it in the surprising ways you get more than you anticipated. It’s an unparalleled experience that spoils you for anything less.

Suite3Sixty Is Your Luxury Hawaii Travel Agent and Luxury Travel Partner

For true believers, luxury becomes part of a company's culture. It is automatic and something pervasive that staff and owners constantly seek to deliver and improve upon.

Besides expecting it from our travel partners, we strive to deliver luxury with every client interaction and experience we offer. We invite you to experience our brand of luxury Hawaii travel agent for yourself.