We Make Travel Fun

Does getting ready for a trip seem like a full-time job? Do you have trouble deciding where to stay and what to do? No matter if you want upscale Hawaiian rentals or if you are considering another destination, when you choose Suite3Sixty you are working with experienced travel professionals.

We believe that all aspects of travel – from planning to returning home – should be fun. The benefits we offer will help guarantee that you have the trip of a lifetime.

Select From Upscale Hawaiian Rentals and Other Choice Destinations

In order to meet your expectations, we offer accommodations in a range of sizes in the prime areas of Hawaii, Australia, and India.

No matter your destination, when you choose one of our upscale Hawaiian rentals or one of our other featured hotels or resorts, you can rest assured that you will always enter a room that is clean and beautiful. Furthermore, we have personally visited each of the locations we recommend. Finally, if you have questions and need advice, we are experts in the regions where we travel.


Suite Experiences

When you are on vacation, you deserve to relax without worries and focus on making unforgettable memories. That is why we have developed the Suite Experience with hotel, resort, and vacation rental suites in locations around the globe.

Personal, VIP Concierge Service

When you rely on Suite3Sixty, we bring the inspiration, advice, planning, and research to help you arrange an unforgettable trip.

In today’s world where it seems that all the information we need is at our fingertips, personal concierge service from travel professionals has definite benefits. When you choose Suite3Sixty our concierge service provides:

  • Options to make your getaway unforgettable
  • A luxury experience
  • Dependable and reliable service
  • Exclusive offers not available to the public

Our VIP Concierge Service helps meet your travel requests before, during, and after your trip.


Supplemental Travel Insurance

Sometimes life does not go as planned. When you have booked a vacation, you should not be penalized if you have to cancel. We fully refund each trip for cancellations made before 30 days of check-in. In addition, we offer travel insurance that provides protection for a range of travel emergencies.

Your Partner in Luxury Travel

We work with you to make sure that the money you invest in your vacation delivers the getaway of your dreams. By listening to you, we bring you travel luxury as you define it and with a personal touch.