Travel Insurance Covers Unexpected Mishaps

We want you to have a worry-free getaway. That is why when you book travel with Suite3Sixty you have the option of purchasing supplemental travel insurance.

Often when planning a trip, you are caught up in the excitement of seeing new sights and having a great adventure. You are not thinking about circumstances that may come up before or during your trip and cause delays, headaches, and frustration.

Benefits of Investing in Supplemental Travel Insurance

Although travel insurance is not free (usually 5-10% of trip cost), the price for peace of mind is well worth it. While insurance cannot prevent accidents or disasters from occurring, it can provide compensation and a variety of other useful benefits.

Policies vary depending upon the depth of coverage but most cover some common areas. First, travel insurance usually provides compensation for medical expenses due to injury or illness. Another benefit of travel insurance is that it offers protection from trip cancellations, interruptions, and delays. Finally, insurance can also cover your personal possessions that you bring with you as well as provide a range of non-insurance services.

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Reliable Protection You Can Count On

Even though all Suite3Sixty trips are 100% refundable up to 30 days before check-in, we recommend having supplemental travel insurance to protect your trip investment. The supplemental insurance policy we offer for every booking through Travel Guard covers:

  • Trip cancellation and interruption
  • Trip delay
  • Missed connection
  • Baggage, personal effects, and sporting equipment
  • Baggage delay
  • Accident sickness medical expense
  • Emergency evacuation and repatriation of remains
  • Accidental death and dismemberment
  • Car rental collision coverage

Plus, the following non-insurance services are automatically provided:

  • Travel medical assistance
  • Worldwide travel assistance
  • Emergency assistance
  • Identity theft
  • Pet return service
  • Vehicle return service
  • And more! Download the flyer to discover more benefits and to read terms and conditions.

Know Your Policy

Because all travel insurance is different, be sure to carefully read your policy certificate to know what is covered and any documentation you will need to submit with a claim. It is always best to ask questions and not assume that insurance will cover everything. Finally, if the coverage is not as broad as you would like, ask about additional coverage options and plans.