Top 7 Reasons to Visit Hawaii

There's no denying that Hawaii has a special allure. Hawaii, the United States' 50th state, keeps with the adage "last but not least." The state is bursting with striking beauty and new experiences.

Get a truly luxurious experience in an enchanting location, whether it’s centered around relaxing “me” time, or around strengthening your personal relationships and spending quality time with those you love. What better place than a Hawaiian utopia?

While it was difficult to narrow it down, these are our top 7 reasons to visit Hawaii!

Hawaii waterfall

1. National & State Parks

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii Island: Home of the world’s most active volcano AND the world’s largest volcano. If you want to see active and historic lava flows, steam vents, and lava tubes, look no farther than then Volcanoes National Park.

Haleakala National Park, Maui: The Haleakala crater lives in this park – a huge fissure 7 miles across and 2 miles wide. The site is inactive, so you can view it up close by hiking down into the crater. Haleakala is also home to more endangered species of plants and animals than any other US national park, so be mindful when you're there!

Waimea Canyon State Park, Kauai: Dubbed the Grand Canyon of the Pacific, this park is known for its bold features and colorful landscape. Even better? The best lookouts are only a short walk from the road.

Nā Pali Coast State Wilderness Park, Kauai: The world-famous Kalalau trail can be found here. The 11 mile trail that leads you to the magnificent Kalalau Valley is not only known for its beautiful rainforest and cliffside views, it's also earned itself a treacherous reputation. Despite that reputation, the Kalalau trail is still a very popular hike. And good news for kayakers - that's an option too.

Hanauma Bay State Park, Oahu: This park is a protected marine life conservation area and underwater park. Voted the Best Beach in the US in 2016, the bay is nestled within a volcanic cone and offers a stunning selection of native fish and fragile reefs that make it ideal for snorkeling.

2. Wildlife

Hawaii has an incredible variety of wildlife that you can see on a rainforest hike, from a boat, or while snorkeling. Whales are greatly respected by Hawaiian natives and are highly enjoyed by both natives and tourists alike. Humpback whales can be seen from all of the Hawaiian Islands, but the best views can be found in the shallow Auau Channel between Maui, Molokai and Lanai is one of the best whale-watching destinations in the world. These gentle giants can be seen frolicking in the ocean from December through May.

Hawaii is also home to 5 different species of sea turtles, with green sea turtles being the most common.

Which brings us to….


3. Snorkeling

Hawaii could easily be described as a snorkeler’s heaven. The water is nice and warm all year, and the area is bursting with vibrant coral reefs, lively schools of tropical fish, and a host of other marine life.

We already mentioned Hanauma Bay in Oahu, but the Molokini Crater in Maui, the Tunnels Beach in Kauai, and the Kealakekua Bay on the Big Island are also very popular snorkeling destinations. Whether you’re an experienced snorkeler, or just interested in trying it for the first time, Hawaii is THE place to get a truly amazing snorkeling experience.

4. World Renowned Beaches

No matter if you want to relax and sunbathe or stay active, swim and surf, Hawaii beaches cannot be beaten. Unearthly black sand beaches or gorgeous stretches of clean white sand – whatever you prefer can be experienced in Hawaii.

Gentle waves for the kids or big waves for the advanced surfer - Hawaii has it all. Some favorites beloved by visitors from around the world include Waikiki Beach, Papakōlea Beach, and the Kaneohe Sandbar.

5. Amazing Year-Round Weather

With an annual average temperature of 77.6°F, the perfect outside temps of Hawaii are nothing short of super reliable. Annual average high temperature of 84.5°F is only rivaled by the impressively pleasant annual average low of 70.7°F.

Hawaiian flora is also well-known for its beauty, and thanks to the perfect weather conditions, flowers are in bloom year-round!

What better place to play outside, relax in a hammock overlooking the ocean, or enjoy outdoor dining with your loved ones?

6. Rich History and Culture

Hawaii lets you travel to another world, with the convenience and comfort of English-speaking people, American dollars and other benefits of staying in the United States.

With a rich history and culture, only in Hawaii can you learn about Polynesian arts and culture as well as our own country’s World War II history in the same place. Historic sites include not only Pearl Harbor, but also Kaniakapupu Ruins, Pu'u o Mahuka Heiau, and Waipio Valley Lookout.

Hawaii is home to a wonderful diversity of people as well as visitors from around the world. When you visit, plan to move at the pace of “Hawaii time,” get to know the locals and fellow travelers, and experience the irreplaceable Aloha culture.


7. Food

Imagine waking up in your luxury suite and starting your day with fresh pineapple and guava fruits and a cup of locally-grown coffee. It’s tempting to plan your whole day around food!

Be sure to try some native Hawaiian foods like poi. Hawaii is also famous for its shaved ice, and it makes a refreshing snack after a hike or boat ride. Seafood is so abundant and incredibly fresh that you could easily make seafood the star of every meal. With the mix of cultures, you won’t be surprised to learn that fusion food in Hawaii is incredible and not to be missed.

Most important, however, is not exactly what you choose to eat that day, but how you savor the flavors and the wonderful people you share the meal with. It’s your vacation - plan to enjoy each meal at the pace of Hawaii time.

 So, step out of your day-to-day routine and get away to this tropical Hawaiian paradise - it’s the stuff of dreams.

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